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Bohemian Baru – Luxury surf charters at affordable prices

Bohemian Baru is a new 62’ aluminum power cat that was designed and built to be a surf charter boat. It was launched and went into service in August 2011.   Bohemian Baru replaced our other boat Bohemian. Many of you may be familiar with Bohemian. We were based in North Sumatra longer than any other surf charter boat. Bohemian Baru is based in both North Sumatra and West Sumatra and offers surf charters to the Mentawai Islands, the Telos, Nias, the Hinako Islands (Asu & Bawa), Bangkaru, the Banyaks and Simeulue. Where does your group want to go? Just tell us and we can organize a charter itinerary to suit your needs. Over the years our goal has never changed – simply to give our guests the best surfing holiday and charter experience possible.

Depending on the charter, Bohemian Baru will be based out of Padang in West Sumatra or Sibolga in North Sumatra. Some charters will depart from Pandang and finish in Sibolga, some will depart from Sibolga and finish in Padang, and others will start and finish in the same port. It all depends on the charter schedule and where the charter group wants to go. This gives guests the option to surf a lot of different waves in different locations. The typical Bohemian Baru charter will start in Padang, surf the Telos, Nias, the Hinakos (Asu & Bawa), the Banyaks and finish in Sibolga.  Charters departing Sibolga will finish in Padang and surf the same spots going from north to south.   If the guests prefer to surf the Mentawais then the boat will start and finish the charter in Padang.  If guests just want to surf North Sumatra we can schedule a charter to start and finish in Sibolga and surf the Banyaks and Nias & Hinakos.

Our skippers, Steve Bridge and Chris Love, have years of experience in these waters and get the latest swell and weather forecasts daily. They will let you know the best options for surfing the kind of waves you want on any given day and put you where you want to be, and also let you know when they think it may be a good idea to make a move to another surf spot.

Bohemian Baru was designed and built to be a surf charter boat. Bohemian Baru is a 62’ catamaran – spacious, comfortable and STABLE. Catamarans don’t roll from side to side like other boats. On Bohemian Baru you can put a can of beer down on the table and it will stay there. This makes it much more user-friendly, ESPECIALLY for people who are prone to sea-sickness. Built by surfers, for surfers, with the emphasis on function and practicality, Bohemian Baru gives you the room you need to enjoy yourself.

Bohemian Baru is BIG – a very spacious catamaran that can easily sleep 12 guests. We offer special prices for exclusive use of the boat to groups of 10.  It was built for the specific purpose of surf charter. Guests sleep in twin-berth cabins (not dorm style accommodation). The saloon is light and airy with ample seating area, big screen TV, DVD player and stereo. The boat is fully air-conditioned, has a water maker, and is equipped with all modern navigational and safety equipment. On deck there is plenty of room to lounge around under the large shaded areas on the bow or up on the bridge deck.  Either spot is ideal to sit back and watch the surf while you rest up for your next session.

Our well-trained chefs make sure that meals are always something to look forward to, with plenty of delicious, healthy food. The fishing is good and fresh caught fish features big on the menu. The tuna, mahi mahi or king mackerel that you caught that day will be on the table that night. We bring in all the western food you like and also load up on prawns, squid, chicken and plenty of fresh fruit and veggies from the local markets.

The unspoiled beauty of these remote islands off the coast of Sumatra provides a perfect setting for the world-class waves. Depending on the conditions and your preferences, we can take you surfing at places so perfect that you’ll think you’re dreaming, other spots heavy enough to challenge even battle-scarred Indo veterans, and mellow waves that are just right for a good, fun surf.

Our typical charters start on Saturday and finish on Wednesday. Guests are responsible for their own international air travel to and from Pandang and/or Medan. We will let you know the best options for international air travel and will make arrangements for your group if domestic travel is required between Medan and Sibolga.

Bohemian Baru will have all the creature comforts to take you on the perfect surfing holiday in the Mentawais, North Sumatra and beyond. The charter price includes all meals and soft drinks on board the boat (and Bohemian Baru has a well deserved reputation for very good food), plus the use of on board fishing equipment and snorkeling gear. We will arrange the purchase of beer for you before the start of the charter at local prices.

Let us know if you have any questions and we will provide you with more information.